History of Barbers & Barber Shops

Written by:
Andi Walker
September 2, 2021

When discussing what a barber shop is today, what comes to mind? Scissors? Services? Skill? The profession has entirely transformed throughout the historical timeline of who barbers were, and the services they provided. 

According to the article “History of an Icon: The Barbershop” we have had knowledge of these services for quite some time, dating back to as early as 3500-5000 BCE. Although the evidence and history we have of barbers shows that they were often equipped in more than one profession, because of their attention to detail and steady hand with sharp tools. 

Thousands of years ago, a solution to an array of illnesses was known as “bloodletting.” This procedure consisted of making an opening in the vein to release blood in hopes of curing the ailment that was being treated. As this became a standard treatment and became prohibited among religious officials such as monks and priests- you guessed it, barbers began offering a vast array of services outside of solely cutting hair; and the infamous barber poles have significant meaning tied to these services. 

The red, white, and blue are said to represent the blood, bandages, and veins; also similar to the stick a patient would squeeze during the procedure. This has become a symbolic staple of the profession, although taking on a very different meaning today. Nonetheless, barber shops and their services have served a great purpose for the community, and always offered a helping hand.

Our passion and dedication here at Bootlegged Barber Co. is to continue the traditions of building trust within the community, educating and crafting excellence in our skill and technique so that you can enjoy and experience the best quality; Just as so many other barber shops have upheld before. 

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