How Often Should You See Your Barber?

Written by:
Annie Davis
February 7, 2022

How often should you go to the barber? The answer depends for everyone! For some, keeping a clean cut and pristine put-together look is a day to day must- but for others, letting things grow out a little is no big deal. 

Keeping up with your desired look plays a big role in how often you’ll visit, but other factors such as how quickly your hair grows can impact that as well. Since this is unique to personal preference- you get to decide the right timeline between visits for you!

A recommended general guideline is 2-3 weeks, as this allows you to maintain the look you love- without letting things get too out of hand. If your hair grows super fast, maybe the sooner the better, and if your hair tends to take more time to outgrow your style, closer to 4-5 weeks may be a better option for you. 

BUT there are a few more questions to ask yourself when the time comes to scheduling your next appointment.

Am I trying to grow my hair out?

This will change the outlook of your time frame, growing out requires more maintenance to keep your hair healthy and damage free! More frequent trims will ensure your hair's health longevity.

Am I wanting to keep up a fresh and clean cut?

If a little growth and scruffiness is not your cup of tea, keeping a tighter timeline between visits is going to be necessary to limit growth and variance from your desired look.

Do I want to switch things up?

Certain looks need more or less maintenance, so maybe switching it up is something that could be beneficial to you.

Regardless of your look, and how important maintenance and upkeep is for you, here at Bootlegged Barber we are ready to welcome you back, ensure quality service and send you on your way looking, and feeling top notch!